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Glorious Gifts : Oriental Gifts

To help you find gifts as special as your family and friends, we've brought together these very special online gift stores. Click one of the images below to see unique gifts from one of the unique artists at mygloriousgifts.com.

Tiger and Dragon Chinese ScrollTigers and dragons are highly symbolic of power and longevity in Chinese culture. This dramatic Asian scroll is perfect for adding a Chinese decorative touch to any room.
Oriental Grace Chinese ScrollThis quixotic Chinese scroll features a beautiful Asian maiden sitting upon a small elephant, which is symbolic of royalty. Make this attractive work of Oriental art the centerpiece of any room for fantastic Chinese decor.
Asian Princess Chinese ScrollAn Asian princess is escorted through a garden by her steward in this traditional Chinese scroll. This masterful piece of Chinese art work is perfect for creating an Oriental decorative mood in any room.
Han Emperor Chinese ScrollThis compelling Asian scroll illustrates a powerful figure in Chinese history - a Han Emperor. Set this magnificent piece of Asian art work anywhere for the finest in Chinese home decor.
Taoist Mountain Chinese ScrollThe Taoist mountains are highly revered in Chinese lore and often depicted in Chinese art. Place this glorious Chinese scroll on any wall for superb Asian home decor.
Asian Maidens Chinese ScrollTwo Chinese maidens look upon a small garden in this alluring Asian wall scroll. Hang this eye-catching work of Chinese art in any room for pleasant and appealing Oriental home decor.
Asian Mist Chinese ScrollThis magnificent Asian wall scroll depicts a traditional Chinese scene of mountains and mist. Place this extraordinary piece of Asian art work on any wall for beautiful Chinese home decor.
Chinese PeacocksA pair of magnificent blue and green Chinese Peacocks are featured in all their glory in this colorful and ornate Chinese scroll. Hang it anywhere for superb Asian decoration.
Spring BambooTwo bamboo trees, so prevalent in many places in Asia, are depicted here under a spring sky and blooming flowers. Mount this scroll in home or office to add a touch of the Asian landscape to any room.
Chinese Panda BearsA pair of Chinese panda bears are eating a dinner of bamboo shoots in this beautiful Asian scroll. Hang this idyllic work of Chinese art on any wall for fabulous decoration.
Chinese CatfishA group of colorful and beautiful catfish peacefully swim among the shallow lakes of the lush Chinese countryside. Set this picturesque Chinese scroll in any room for an outstanding decorative effect.
Ming Dynasty QueenA Chinese queen quietly takes the time to commune with nature in this peaceful and beautiful Asian scene. Use this scroll to add serenity and a soft decorative effect to any room.
Mystic LandThis alluring Chinese scroll depicts a rural setting in China from a long time ago, when the mountains were treasured for their mystery and beauty. Hang this scroll in home or office to create an Asian atmosphere in any room.
Crouching TigerA crouching tiger is set to spring forth in this powerful and decorative Chinese scroll. The tiger is symbolic of strength and military prowess in Chinese lore.
Peking PeacockA lone peacock is perched on a tree branch among pink and red flowers in this exquisite Chinese scroll. Peacocks are viewed as an emblem of dignity in China and the tail feathers were used during the Ming dynasty to signify official rank.
Wading DucksA pair of ducks, symbolic of fidelity in Chinese custom, peacefully wade through a shallow lake under an assortment of rainbow colored flowers. Mount this tranquil work of Chinese art on your wall to enhance any decorative setting.
Chinese PrincessThis lovely Asian scroll portrays a beautiful young Chinese princess enjoying a crisp autumn day in the country.
Chinese StorksA pair of Chinese storks perch on a tree branch among cherry blossoms and evergreens.
Happy BuddhaThis scroll depicts the famous happy Buddha that is so prevalent in China. Hang this scroll on any wall for great Chinese decor.
Hungry Panda BearsA pair of hungry panda bears chow on bamboo amid a brook and waterfall.
Stalking TigerA fierce, orange Chinese tiger stalks his prey in this powerful, yet beautiful Asian scroll.
Magic RabbitsÿRabbits are known in Chinese lore for being associated with magic, speed and swiftness. This colorful Chinese scroll features two rabbits in a grove of wild flowers.
BluebirdsA small pack of blue birds frolick in a patch of colorful Asian flowers in this uplifting Chinese scroll. Place it any roomÿto createÿa vibrantÿmood and fantastic Asian decor.ÿ
Visiting ButterfliesA pair of butterflies float around a bouquet of colorful wild Asian flowers in this exquisite Chinese scroll. Make thisÿwork ofÿAsian artÿthe centerpieceÿin any room for outstanding Oriental decor.
Rolling MountainsThis picturesque Chinese scroll features aÿlandscape of rolling mountains among a smallÿvillage. Use itÿto create anÿAsian mood in any room.

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