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Glorious Gifts : Oriental Gifts

To help you find gifts as special as your family and friends, we've brought together these very special online gift stores. Click one of the images below to see unique gifts from one of the unique artists at mygloriousgifts.com.

Thai AmuletThis distinctive amulet is a likeness of the famous Thai monk Phra Somdej. The Thai people believe this monk has amazing power to attract blessings and provide protection to anyone. By wearing this amulet around your neck, you will notice many beneficial changes in your life.
Good Fortune AmuletThis amazing amulet has the power to beneficially influence your life in many ways. The image of a standing Buddha with one hand in cosmic mudra is known to attract wealth and good fortune.
Wisened Monk PendantThis amazing double-sidedÿThai amulet features the famous monk Somdej Puttajarn (Toh) and the famous Thai King V. These two great beings were revered and honored by Thai people for their achievments: Somdej made highly prized amulets while King V is responsible for making the world more aware of Thailand and Buddhism. Wear this blessed amulet for good fortune and protection from evil.
Buddha PendantThe image of the Buddha can be seen everywhere in Thailand. The Buddha is known as the "awakened one" and isÿthe most highly revered figure in Thailand and many places in Asia. Wear this magnificent amulet for general protection and luck.ÿ Beaded rope included.
Fertility PendantThis charming double-sided Thai amulet depicts a Buddha image on the back and a king with a harem of women on the front.ÿThe pendant is meant to increaseÿattraction of the opposite sexÿwhile offering protection from the Buddha. Use this amulet to improve your love life while enjoying its protective energy.
See-No-Evil Buddha PendantThis mystical Thai amulet depicts a Buddha figure covering his eyes, which is symbolic of causing all evil to vanish. Wear or carry this powerfully protective Thai amulet to shield against dangerous elements.Includes beaded rope.
Thai Devil PendantOur Thai devil pendant isÿmeant to scare away evil spirits and bad omens. Wear or carry this pendantÿto deflect danger when strong people and forces are opposing you.
Oneness AmuletThe Buddha believed that everything in the universe is connected, and therefore one. This amulet represents the thought of oneness. Silver metal neck chain is included.
Calming Stone AmuletThe image of the Buddha seated on his symbolic throne can put everything at ease. This amulet is great for calming the mind and heart, bringing it back to stillness. Silver metal neck chain is included.
Iconic Pra SomdejPra Somdej is a famous monastery in Thailand where ancient amulets were found. This replica of the great Pra Somdej amulets is sure to bring luck and fortune to the one who has it. Silver metal neck chain is included.
Gold Metal Case AmuletThis magnificent gold case amulet depicts a golden Buddha seated on throne. Wear or carry this amulet for prosperity.
Gentle Reminder AmuletThis amulet is a reminder of our true nature - our Buddha nature. It is a reminder to always bring our thoughts back to the present moment.
Awesome Buddha AmuletThe Buddha's message to us is simple. Be in the moment. Let this powerful amulet help you to always remember tosimply be.
Brave Talisman AmuletThis amazing Thai amulet features the Naga Buddha seated on throne. The nagas - or snake serpents - are protecting the Buddha from evil. Use this amulet to ward off evil and brave fearful conditions. Silver metal neck chain is included.

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