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Glorious Gifts : Oriental Gifts

To help you find gifts as special as your family and friends, we've brought together these very special online gift stores. Click one of the images below to see unique gifts from one of the unique artists at mygloriousgifts.com.

Blue Stone Buddha PaintingThis astounding and etheric Buddhist painting of a blue Buddha head will create an exotic decorative touch anywhere you place it. The detail and feel of the Buddha, depicted on cracked stone at night, is truly other-wordly. The bluish tinge of this Oriental painting is known to produce a soothing effect and is widely used in Buddhist meditations to elicit healings.
Smiling Stone Buddha Head PaintingA most remarkable Buddha painting, this masterful work captures a smiling Buddha head of stone. Place this work of Buddhist art in any room to create a beautiful Asian decor theme.
Asian Buddha PaintingAn inspirational piece of Buddhist art, this extraordinary Asian Buddha painting depicts two Bodhisattva figures carved from stone. Hang this Buddhist painting in any room for the finest in Oriental art.
Faded Buddha PaintingPainstakingly created down to the finest detail, this astounding Buddha painting portrays a faded golden Buddha head making it one of our most valued works. Hang this fabulous Oriental painting on any wall for years of beautiful Asian decor.
Lord of KarmaThis unique and dramatic work of Buddha art symbolizes the lord of karma in Buddhist lore, who often appears under the guise of green. Create an Asian decor theme in any room with this magnificently worked piece of Oriental art.
Sandstone BuddhaA masterpiece of Oriental art, this transcendent Buddha painting captures a Buddha head carved entirely from standstone. Use this Oriental painting to create unparalleled Asian decor inside any room.
Chipped Stone BuddhaThis splendid Buddhist painting masterfully illustrates a chipped Buddha head carved of stone, making it one of our premiere works of Asian art. Hang this beautiful Asian painting anywhere for fabulous Oriental decor.
Happy BuddhaA dazzling piece of Asian art work, this gold-plated Buddha head is smiling in a state of Samadhi-like bliss. Feature this attractive Buddha painting in any room for outstanding Asian decor.
Meditating BuddhaMeditating with a countenance of perfect stillness and pure thought, this representation of the Buddha is an inspirational work of Asian art to be treasured. Elevate and enhance your abode with this sensational work of Buddha art.
Reflective BuddhaOne of our most masterful Buddha paintings, this tour de force of Asian art portrays a magnificent golden Buddha face reflecting the rays of the sun. Make this premiere Asian painting the centerpiece of any room for unrivaled Oriental decoration.
Nocturnal BuddhaThis remarkable Oriental painting depicts a night-time rendering of a Buddha head carved of stone in the wake of a full moon. Display this unique Buddha painting to create or enhance any Asian decorative setting.
Copper Buddha HeadPainted to perfection by a genuine master artist, this copper-plated Buddha head is an inspirational work for lovers of Buddhist art and Asian paintings. Create an Asian theme mood in any room with this dazzling Oriental painting.
Thai Bronze Buddha PaintingBuddha figures and Buddha heads are prevelant throughout all of Thailand. This magificent Buddha painting depicts a Thai Buddha head of bronze cast in shadow. The color yellow or bronze holds the highest symbolic value in Buddhism and signifies renunciation, desireless and humility. Place this Oriental Buddhist painting anywhere in home or office for prosperity, luck and superb Asian decor.
Weathered BuddhaThis work of Buddha art depicts a 500-year old weathered Buddha statue in the color gold, which symbolizes the sun or fire in Buddhist tradition. Decorate any space with this glorious Asian painting.
Glimmering BuddhaA glimmer of light reflects off the crown and face of this profund work of Buddhist art, giving it an other-worldly look. Make this painting the showcase of any room for beautiful and impressive Oriental decoration.
Profile Stone BuddhaCaptured in profile, this stone-carved Buddha head is symbolic of the highest ideal in Buddhism and Asian art. Augment any decorative setting with this magnificent piece of Oriental art work.
Cambodian Buddha Head PaintingThis remarkable Buddha painting is a rendition of a Cambodian Buddhist art sculpture, making it a genuine Oriental art masterpiece. Exotic and beautiful, this dramatic work of Asian art is the ideal way to inspire a theme of Oriental decor in any room.
High Crown BuddhaThis astounding Buddha painting captures a bronze Buddha head with high crown partially obscured in shadow. Exhibit this special piece of Buddha art work in any room of home or office for high quality Asian decoration.
Stone Face Buddha PaintingThe image of Buddha is extremely sacred throughout many places in Asia. This Buddhist painting depicts a stone Buddha, painted on the rocks of Cambodia. The long ear lobes, closed eyes and slight smile are all indicative of the enlightened state. Place this Asian Buddha painting in any room for awesome Oriental decor.
Stone Cave Buddha PaintingThis remarkable Asian Buddha painting depicts two Buddha figures carved from stone inside a cave. The artist's use of light and shadows on the Buddha figures makes this Buddhist painting one of our most cherished pieces of Asian art work.
Contemporary Art BuddhaPainted with a contemporary flare, this impressive work of Buddhist art is raising the bar for the ideal standard of modern day Asian art. This fabulous Asian painting is perfect for creating an Asian theme in any style of home.
Falling Lotus Buddha PaintingMasterfully worked, this absolutely magnificent piece of Buddha art depicts a stone Buddha head amid falling white lotus flowers, which represent the four virtues of nirvana. Decorate your home with this breath-taking Buddha painting for the finest in Oriental home decor.
Sacred BuddhaThis distinct ornate work of Asian art depicts a faded Buddha head originally cast entirely in gold. Bring any wall to life and fashion an Asian theme with this momentous work of Buddha art.
Mirrored BuddhaOne of our most valued Asian paintings, this breath-taking work is perhaps the ultimate expression of Buddhist art. It features a Buddha head sculpted entirely of gold, reflecting rays of light off its smooth, polished face. Make this Buddhist painting the centerpiece of any room for the finest in Asian decor.
Enlightened BuddhaThis beautiful Buddha painting depicts a Buddha head in a fully enlightened state. Place this Oriental painting on any wall for inspiration and great Asian decoration.
Half-Faced Buddha PaintingPainted to stunning effect, this half-faced Buddha painting is a crowning achievement in the world of Oriental art. Embellish any wall with this masterpiece of Asian art work for stunning Oriental decor.
Granite Buddha PaintingAn amazing effigy of a Buddha head carved from granite, this striking Buddhist painting is a true work of contemporary Asian art down to its finest detail. Adorn and beautify any room in your home or office with this artistic piece of Buddha art.
Golden Buddha PaintingIn the Buddhist religion, "Buddha" means the "awakened" or "enlightened" one. Here the symbolic face of the Buddha, painted in solid gold, is displayed against a black and green background. Throughout Asia, and especially in Tibet, statues of golden Buddhas can be seen in temples, homes and shops. The color of gold symbolizes the sun or fire and the magnifience of the Buddha. This Buddha painting, carefully crafted by a master artist, can only be fully appreciated when seen in person. The use of light and shadows on the face of the Buddha make this painting an extraordinary art piece.
Limestone BuddhaOne of our most highly acclaimed Buddha paintings, this brilliant work of Asian art depicts a Buddha head carved completely from limestone. Painted with amazing precision and detail, this unparalled work of Oriental art will create an Asian mood and great Oriental decor in any room.

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