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Glorious Gifts : Oriental Gifts

To help you find gifts as special as your family and friends, we've brought together these very special online gift stores. Click one of the images below to see unique gifts from one of the unique artists at mygloriousgifts.com.

Jungle LordJaguars are known for their stealth, speed and gracefulness. This spectacular fan amazingly captures in close detail the likeness of an Asian jaguar. Place this fan on any wall for an awesome display that will thrill you time and again.
Frolicking DolphinsTwo dolphins gleefully swim through the waters of the Orient as a full moon shines above them. The ambient use of blues, violets and indigos induce a feeling of total relaxation. This magical fan is one of our top sellers and the perfect addition for any room.
Mystical ElephantsTwo elephants enjoy the cool waters of an Oriental river, as waterfalls cascade in the background and trees sway in the foreground. This fan is perfect for brightening up any room.
Big CatsThis amazing fan must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. It depicts two stunning, life-like tigers, one Siberian, the other Bengali. Hang this masterful work in any room to create a feeling of beauty and power.
Elephant CountryElephants are symbolic of strength and commitment in Asian lore. Here a family of elephants parade through the tranquil grasslands of South Asia amid the breaking rays of dawn. Place this magnificent in any room for a fine decorative effect.
Magical UnicornsUnicorns are mythical creatures that have long been written about in history and represent purity, innocence and justice. This amazing fan depicts two unicorns frolicking in a mystical land. Hang it in any room to create a peaceful and spiritual feeling.
Striking DolphinsDolphins are symbolic of intelligence and harmony in Asian culture. Here a pair of dolphins calmy swim through an enchanting Asian sea. Hang this fan in any room to beautify your home or work place.
Tropical ParrotsA pair of colorful and tropical parrots sit poised on the top of a tree amid a vast background and sky. Place this awesome decorative wall fan in any room to add life and color to any decorative setting.
Talking ParrotsThis striking decorative wall fan depicts two parrots making small talk amid a tropical background setting. Mount this fan on any wall for a vibrant effect and a peaceful feeling in any room.
American PatriotDisplay your love for America and enhance any decorating setting with our new stars and stripes American Patriot wall fan. Featuring an American eagle imposed over the flag, this inspriration decorative wall fan is a beacon of all the great things America has stood for over the last three centuries.
Lion's PrideLions represent courage, nobility and pride. This amazing decorative wall fan features a pair of Lions on the Serengeti plains of Africa. Hang this fan in any room for a superb decorative effect.
Indian StallionsWild stallions are known for their power, stamina and speed. This fan captures a group of multi-colored stallions galloping through the wild lands of Asia. Add a smooth decorative touch to any room with this entrancing work.
Night OwlWisdom, deception and magic are all associated with the owl. This magnificent depiction of an owl with wings spread hints at the mysterious. An unusual decorative piece, this fan is not only stunning but mystifying.
Alaskan WolfWolves are symbolic of teachers and those who serve as a guide to enlightenment. This eye-catching fan depicts a real Alaskan wolf deep in the snowy mountains during the winter season. Hang this fan in any room for suberb decoration.
Spirit of the Native AmericanThis fan honors the spirit of the native American, which can still be felt in certain places in America. Great for decorative purposes, this fan also serves as a reminder of how noble and gallant these brave people are.
Antarctic PenguinsProphetic knowledge, enlightenment and expanded vision are all associated with birds. Here two birds of an unusual kind proudlyÿrest on a throne of rock and ice. The cool colors of this pleasant fan make for soothing decoration.
Wild StallionsWild stallions are known for their power, stamina and speed. This fan captures a group of multi-colored stallions galloping through the wild lands of Asia. Add a smooth decorative touch to any room with this entrancing work.
Yorkshire TerriersCompanionship, loyalty and protection are all traits associated with dogs, whether in Asia or anywhere. Here a pair of Yorkshire terriers gently sit amid natural surroundings. This fan is ideal for dog lovers and makes a great gift.
Asian TigerIn Asia, tigers are renowned for their fierecness, bravery and beauty. This masterful work portrays an Asian tiger sitting in its natural environment. Use this fan as an ideal decorative compliment to your home or office.

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