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Glorious Gifts : Oriental Gifts

To help you find gifts as special as your family and friends, we've brought together these very special online gift stores. Click one of the images below to see unique gifts from one of the unique artists at mygloriousgifts.com.

Asian SunriseThe early morning sun is rising on a group of cranes enjoying the waters and trees of a far away land in the heart of Asia.
Golden DragonsTwo golden dragons oppose each other in classic Asian style in this magnificent piece. The dragon is symbolic of courage and eternal life in Asian culture, while gold signifies strength and wealth.
Guilded MorningA rural Asian village is painted entirely in gold, a color which symbolizes strength and wealth in Oriental culture. Hang this spectacular fan on any wall for fine decoration.
Forgotten LandThis unique fan of an ancient site in Asia is painted entirely in black and white to give off a special artistic effect. Hang this fan in any room for superb decoration.
Spring HarvestSpring is a busy time of year in many Asian villages. This magnificent mulit-colored work of art is perfect for decorating any room.
Natures CradleMany beautiful natural surroundings can be found on the vast continent of Asia. This fan depicts such a spot. Hang it anywhere to create balance and a peaceful feeling.
Exhultation in BlueThis spectacular fan is one of our most dramatic works. It features a pair of Oriental cranes flying through a panorma of blues and white. Place this richly designed fan anywhere for eye-catching decoration.
Wisdom of the PeacocksIn general, peacocks symbolize openness and acceptance, but in Buddhism they symbolize wisdom. Here two extraordinary looking peacocks face each other, representing the duality of all things. The red background symbolizes good fortune in Asian culture, making this art piece a lucky charm of sorts.
Meeting of the PeacocksPeacocks symbolize dignity and assurance in Asian lore. Here two stunning peacocks meet each other in this elaborate and masterful piece.
Proud PeacocksIn Oriental culture, peacocks represent pride and assurance. Two captivating peacocks mirror each other in this dazzling display of craftsmanship.
Oriental CranesThree brilliant cranes (which symbolize longevity in Asian lore) fly over a waterfall in this uniquely-colored fan. The soft burgundy tones, mixed with white, serve to create a magnificent work that will benefit any room.
Purple MoonThe moon (which symbolizes yin in Oriental culture) is set low in the sky as it shines brightly over this enchanted village, casting a glorious light over the inhabitants. The purple sky and splendid shades of green are perfect for creating a state of relaxation and tranquility.
Flying CranesA set of cranes (symbolic of longevity in Asian lore) soars over an enthralling land where blue rivers along with green and orange trees light up the day. The fan's many bright colors make it the perfect art piece to add intensity and flavor to any room.
Sunset RiverThe last vestiges of sunlight are reflected in the magnificent waters that run through this quaint river village. The predominant use of orange, red and brown in this color is perfect for producing a feeling of relaxation and tranquility.
Land of the EnchantedThis blue and green-themed fan is overset by the brilliance of the sun and the light it casts on the enchanted village below it. This is the perfect fan to add vitality and freshness to any room.
Golden VillageA magnificent village lies in the nook of a magical river and the golden rays of the sun illuminate the first hours of the day. This fan is sure to inspire feelings of being in a golden place where magical things can happen.
Paradise IslandThis captivating fan depicts a beautiful and serene ocean beach in Southern Thailand. Hang it in any room to create the ultimate feeling of peace and tranquility.
Blue DragonsTwo dragons contest a fiery pearl, symbolizing the imperial emblem of the emperors from the Han period.
Fiery DragonsTwo golden dragons oppose each other in classic Asian style in this magnificent piece. The dragon is symbolic of courage and eternal life in Asian culture, while gold signifies strength and wealth. The background color of red is a lucky color in Chinese tradition and is beneficial for attracting good fortune.
Asian ForestDeep in the heart of the Orient lies a peaceful forest. Inside is the serenity that can only be found in Asia, as soft-moving waterfalls spill their waters and a beautiful meadow calmly lies near.
Black DragonsTwo red and gold Chinese dragons oppose each other against a black background in this magnificent work.
TranquilityA verdant country village is depicted as the morning sun ascends above the distant mountain.
Red NightA picturesque Asian hamlet is cast in a red glow during night.
ParadiseA magnificent azure sky casts its reflection on the lake of a utopian Oriental village.
Green CranesFour magestic cranes, which symbolize wisdom and longevity, fly over a magical land. The use of green and orange create a feeling of vibrancy in this very special fan.
Blue CranesA group of cranes, which symbolize wisdom and longevity, fly amid a magnificent blue sky and lake.
Night CranesA group of cranes fly over a magical Asian river, as a brilliant summer moon illuminates the scene. This fan is perfect for creating a tranquil, peaceful mood in any room.
Oriental ThicketA gentle brook runs through a colorful autumn forest in this stunning and vibrant fan. Capture the feeling of Asia in the fall time.
The WoodThis serene fan captures the essence of one of Asia's many natural forests. The Earthly colors of this fan will bring a feeling of harmony to any room.
Glorious DreamMajestic mountains, a yellow-orange sky, azure waterfalls and flying cranes make this fan a spectacular art piece that will enlighten any room. Enjoy traveling to a breathtaking land in the heart of Asia with this colorful fan.
Fantasy ValleyThis amazing fan depicts a valley deep in the heart of China that is known for its magic and beauty. Bring a touch of Asia to your home or office with this exquisite fan.
Night in AsiaThe night represents the yin or female side of life. Add serenity to any room with this beautiful depiction of a sleepy Asian hamlet amid a full moon.
Japanese AutumnThis beautiful Japanese wall fan features a scenic meadow alongside cool blue waters. Make this colorful and attractive wall fan the centerpiece of any wall in your home or office.
Bamboo MoonThis stunning Chinese wall fan features a golden bamboo stalk illuminated by a full moon. One of our most popular sellers, this wall fan is sure to enhance any room it is displayed in.
Seaside CottageA peaceful seaside cottage on a tropical island is slowly awaking to a new day. Hang this beautiful Oriental wall fan in any room for a fabulous decorative effect.

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