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Glorious Gifts : Oriental Gifts

To help you find gifts as special as your family and friends, we've brought together these very special online gift stores. Click one of the images below to see unique gifts from one of the unique artists at mygloriousgifts.com.

Elephant of the OrientThe elephant represents commitment and strength in Asian custom. Here an elephant is seen in one of the many breath-taking natural settings of Asia. This idyllic painting can serve as the ideal compliment to any room.
Mountain BridgeTravel to a magical land where blue mountains, green trees, white cranes and azure waterfalls surround an isolated abode. Connected to the land only by narrow bridges, this scene is reminiscent of a time long forgotten in Asia. One of our most popular sellers, this scenic painting is sure to enhance any room.
Blissful DayIn many parts of Asia, the countryside is replete with trees, mountains and beautiful scenery. Here a group of huts is nestled under colorful trees while blue and green mountains make up the background. Hang this beautiful painting in any room to create a pleasant, tranquil feeling.
Lazy RiverThe Far East is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Here a fisherman is paddling his boat through a lazy river as dawn nears. This picturesque work of art is ideal for creating a calming and relaxing mood in any room.
Morning in AsiaThis resplendent painting was created during dawn, when the Asian sun just begins to rise over the horizon. Here a fishing boat is depicted on a river, seen in silhouette. Place this magnificent work in home or office to enhance any room.
Fog on the WaterAsia is home to many tropical lands in which palm trees and oceans mark the landscape. This transcendent painting truly portrays a tropical beach in the haze of dawn. Hang it in any room for beautiful effect.
Jungle SilhouetteThe beaches of southern Thailand are among the most beautiful in the world. Here an artist paints his rendition of a beach at day-rise. Hang this colorful work anywhere for fine decoration.
PassageThe south of Thailand is one of the most scenic places in the world. This painting captures the Andaman sea with one of the many rock structures jutting up. The effect of dawn and the two boats in the painting only lend to make this work a special piece.
Quiet GlorySoutheast Asia is home to many quaint villages often nestled in a valley or near a small river. This magnificent painting truly depicts the appearance of some of these quaint villages. Hang this painting in any room for fine decoration and a relaxing effect.
Standing BuddhaThe image of the Buddha can be seen in many places throughout Asia. This painting captures the silhouette of a Buddha statue amid the morning sun. Hang this stunning painting in any room to create an awesome look.
Akha Hill TribeThailand is home to many different people. This painting captures a group of Akha hill tribe women washing clothes at the shore of a small lake. The magnificent use of color and detail make this painting a true masterpiece. Hang this extraordinary work anywhere for added culture and beauty.
Thai CottageChina is home to many old, mystical villages and beautiful natural settings. The use of brown and purple hues in this piece lend to a style and feel that exhudes sensations of a magical land. Place this exquisite painting in any room to add a touch of the Orient to your home or office.
Wild HorsesRichly colored, this remarkable painting portrays five galloping horses through a desert landscape. Horses are symbolic of power, stamina and speed in Asian lore. Hang this original piece anywhere for a beautiful decorative effect.
Three Thai KingsThis striking painting is a tribute to the three great Thai kings from the Lanna era (circa 1300), when they vowed to remain at peace with each other. Legend states that the kings formed a blood pact to cement their truce. Hang this awesome work of Thai art in any place to add color and beauty to any room.
Green BambooThis beautiful painting features a green bamboo tree captured during the winter months in China. Hang it in any room for fabulous Oriental decor.
Exotic FlowersStrikingly beautiful, this colorful painting of exotic flowers is a great piece for adding vibrancy and color to any setting. Hang it in any room forÿsuperb decoration.
Seagull on BeachMarvelously painted, this spectacular piece features a lone seagull on a beach looking out at the ocean. Use this beautiful painting to add a calming, quietÿtouch to any setting.
Pink FlowersAdd some life and color to any setting with this dazzling painting of Asian wild flowers. Pink flowers are often given as carnations and mean that the one who gives it will never forget the other. Hang this pretty painting on any wall for splendid decoration.
Red FlowersThis amazing painting depicts a bouquet of wild red flowers, which symbolize one's admiration and love for another. Hang this stunningÿpainting in any room to add color and beauty to any setting.
Seagull BeachThis scenic painting truly captures the feel of being on a warm beach, as seagulls play about in theÿcalm ocean tide. Set this brilliant painting anywhere for a tranquil feeling and outstanding decor.
Mystery of the EastTwo simple huts are nestled near the bank of a quiet lake. This painting was created during the sunset, when the glorious hues of orange and yellow sunlight cast their reflection on the waters and the land. This astounding painting truly captures a moment in time during an Asian morning. Hang it anywhere to add color and an Oriental touch to your room.
River MistA group of boats serenely float down an Asian river amid the morning mist. Hang this painting anywhere for superb decoration.
River MarketThe floating markets of Hong Kong, Bangkok and other places in Asia are reminiscent of a time long ago. Place this brilliant work in any room for colorful decoration and a true Asian touch.
Mountain VillageNorthern Thailand is home to a small minority of simple people known as Hilltribe. This exquisite work captures a Hilltribe village deep in the Thailand countryside. Hang it anywhere to create a real Asian mood.
Rice HarvestA group of Asian farmers are busily harvesting crops in a rice field. This painting truly captures a scene that is prevelent in many countries in the Orient.
River LifeThis stunning masterpiece depicts a scene from Bangkok, Thailand, known as the Venice of the East, and where floating markets are often seen. Place it anywhere for superior decoration.
Mountain LakeA peaceful and magnificent natural setting in northern China is captured in this momentous work. Place it on any wall for enhanced decorative effect.
Forest PathAsia is home to thousands of forests and many beautiful natural scenes. This work portrays a quiet path in the heart of Northern China. Enhance any room with this special painting.
On The RiverTwo boats gently drift down an Asian river among the background forest. This unique masterpiece is great for decoration and will be the center of attention in any room.
MistTwo Asian houses are set along side the banks of a misty river. Hang this captivating painting in any room to create an Oriental decorative theme.
Food StallsOutdoor food stalls can be found in many countries in Asia. This painting truly captures a slice of life in the Orient. Hang this unique decorative art piece in any room to enhance your home or office.
Elephant CrossingElephants are revered in Thailand, and known for their strength and steadiness. This fabulous painting depicts a family of elephants being led across a small river by a pair of riders. Perfect for decoration on any wall.
Asian ElephantsThe elephant is the national symbol of Thailand and can be found in its many jungles. Often there, one can see a man perched on top of an elephant, riding it through the jungles and countryside.
TigerThis most remarkable painting of a wild Asian tiger, of which it is estimated that only 5,000-7,000 still exist, is a tribute to the animal that Asians so revere. The Tiger has long been viewed as a symbol of strength, courage and royalty in Oriental culture and it is often hunted for its strong medicinal properties.Some Asians still believe that eating a tiger bestows its spirit on the eater, whereby he or she can gain the power and stamina of a tiger. The tiger is also venerated for its grace and beauty, being perhaps the most exquisite of all jungle animals, and the largest of all 37 species of cat. Unfortunately, it is estimated that the wild tiger may become extinct in less than 100 years. Painted with acrylics, this one-of-a-kind masterpiece captures the essence of the wild tiger in its natural habitat. The tiger, often a solitary creature, is seen here alone, resting its muscular body, which can weigh up to 500 pounds. The strong, lustrous fur and stripes of the tiger (which are unique to each one) are in contrast to its soft, expressive yellow eyes. Painted by a master artist, who has produced such high-quality works for over 30 years, this extraordinary painting is a must have.
Riding HomeElephantsÿare an important part of Oriental culture and symbolize many things. Two young men are riding home through the desert on an Asian elephant. This stunning painting makes brilliant use of light and dark shades, along with yellow and orange hues, creating an absolute masterpiece. Place this magnificent painting anywhere for fine effect.
Ocean of TranquilityThe Orient is home to many beautiful water passages and beaches. The artist of this awesome painting made brilliant use of yellow and orange hues to capture what a sky and sea look like during sunset. Hang this masterpiece on any wall to bring a touch of nature and the Orient to your home.
Sunset BeachThe south of Thailand is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Famous for its beaches and resorts, this peaceful and beautiful scene is reminiscent of a sunset by the ocean. Painted by a master artist during the waning hours of the day, this work is sure to serve as excellent decoration on any wall.
Jungle BuddhaBuddhism and Buddhist art is a major part of the lives of many people in Asia. This sculpted Buddha head was painted from a real-life statue found in the jungles of Cambodia. The foliage surrounding the Buddha represent unity with life and nature. Place this masterful work of art on any wall to enhance your home or office.
Oriental SerenitySet along one of the many natural settings found in the Orient, this magnificent painting truly captures the essence of being at one with natural surroundings. The verdant foliage and azure lake create a peaceful feeling that makes this work ideal for decoration and creating a relaxed feeling.
Asian GrandeurA forgotten land of tranquil Asian huts is set in front of mountains and trees. The water that flows through this remarkable painting is symbolic of the Tao, which represents life and constant change. The resplendent blue shades of the sky and water are sure to brighten any room this painting finds a home in.
River ElephantsTwo elephants peacefully wade through a river in front of several cascading waterfalls. The elephant is symbolic of strength and astuteness in Asian lore and is revered as the national symbol of Thailand, where this scene was painted. Place this harmonic peace in any room.
River VillageSet along the heart of a stream in the heartland of Asia, this painting of a rural village captures the tranquillity and essence often found in the Orient. The shades of green and blue are perfectly used to create a quiet mood, reminiscent of the peace that can be found in Asia. Place this gorgeous painting in any room for fine decorative effect.
Oriental SunsetThe glorious hues of orange and red seen in the sky of this painting evoke a feeling that the work of the day is done and evening is coming. Another stunning Oriental landscape piece, this painting is well-suited for any room.
Oriental VillageSet deep in the heart of the Asian countryside, this scene is reminiscent of the long-standing Oriental villages that existed in synchronicity with nature. The brilliant shades of brown and green evoke feelings of being at one with the Earth. Place this entrancing painting on any wall to bring home a touch of Asia.
Mystical CranesThe crane is symbolic of longevity in Asian culture. Here four cranes are depicted in a mystical land that includes a solitary retreat. The bright and luminescent colors used in this work create a surreal scene. This amazing painting is sure to evoke feelings of the Orient and the mystical.
Asian Country VillageMany small villages are built around rivers in Asia. Here a group of houses is assembled along side a river, brilliantly reflecting the sun in its waters. The magnificent use of colors in this sensational painting make it the ideal way to add brightness and style to any room.

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