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Glorious Gifts : Maternity Gifts

Have you just found out that you are pregnant? Want to tell the world about your new baby? Then this is the place to find t-shirts and cards to shout out that you have having a baby. These are also perfect gifts for mothers who have just found out that they are pregnant or who have small babies at home.

When looking for top-quality nursing clothes to wear when breastfeeding, Mom needs to look no further than a Comfy Kangaroo Tank. The tank and nursing bra are made of a top of the line blend of fabrics, providing a super soft and cozy feel for both mom and child. The nursing bra is lined with a Cool Max fabric allowing for instant wicking away of any moisture from the skin and improving overall breathability of the bra. The Cool Max lining aids quick evaporation of all moisture, leaving mom feeling dry and comfortable.

White Maternity Tees

White Maternity Tees Maternity T-Shirt


You will love this totally funny maternity shirt designed by MamaDiggs Our t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts and more make prefect gifts for baby showers, holidays, or just because!


Moms Maternity T-Shirt
Does this baby make me look fat? Show off your pregnancy with a sense of humor.

I grow people what's your superpower?

I grow people what's your superpower? Maternity T-Shirt
I can grow peolpe, what's your superpower? Is a fun maternity slogan saying that is sure to get a few laughs. It's cute, trendy, funny and tells the world you are expecting!

Roasting my lil peanut

Roasting my lil peanut Maternity T-Shirt
Fun and cute pregnancy, maternity T-shirt. Expecting a baby, a great mother-to-be T-shirt! Roasting My Lil' Peanut.

Yes I am pregnant

Yes I am pregnant Maternity T-Shirt

Pregnant Princess t-shirt

Pregnant Princess t-shirt Maternity T-Shirt
Pregnant Princess

New! Maternity Tops!

New! Maternity Tops! Maternity T-Shirt
Carrying the Pot O' Gold Maternity T-Shirt


Maternity Maternity T-Shirt
"Future Cubs Fan" points right at the Chicago Cubs fan you're creating!

Growing A Little Princess

Growing A Little Princess Maternity T-Shirt
Growing A Little Princess Pregnancy Girl! Perfect unique baby shower gift for pregnant expecting mom with attitude. Now maternity is cool, cute & funny! T-shirts, sweatshirts, buttons, bags, & more!

All Sneak Peek designs

All Sneak Peek designs Maternity T-Shirt
Let the world see who's inside that pregnant belly.

Maternity cut shirts

Maternity cut shirts Maternity T-Shirt
Pregnant women rejoice...all the funny, cute, original maternity designs you find on Deeksbrats plus-size and Junior size syles NOW ON ACTUAL MATERNITY TEES!! Designs for Single babies AND Multiples!

Going To Be So Cute

Going To Be So Cute Maternity T-Shirt
I'm Going To Be So Cute - Events/Maternity

I grow people what's your superpower?

I grow people what's your superpower? Maternity T-Shirt
This cute and funny pregnancy shirt is sure to get a few laughs. We have tons of designs and styles, so please be sure to visit our shop.

Leave Me B Maternity

Leave Me B Maternity Maternity T-Shirt
A cute tummy maternity design for the mom-to-be. It looks like the baby is talking!

I've got two peas in my pod (twins)

I've got two peas in my pod (twins) Maternity T-Shirt
two peas



White Maternity Tees

White Maternity Tees Maternity T-Shirt

*NEW* Maternity T-shirts!

*NEW* Maternity T-shirts! Maternity T-Shirt
Our Family maternity T-shirt features simple black text that reads "If these people are my family...I'm not coming out!".

Anti-Bush Maternity

Anti-Bush Maternity Maternity T-Shirt


Maternity Maternity T-Shirt

Mommy To Be

Mommy To Be Maternity T-Shirt

Womb Potato

Womb Potato Maternity T-Shirt
"I'll be out later," says Womb Potato. Cartoon baby in the womb watching a music video podcast. Color, shirts and gift items.

mom to be t shirt

mom to be t shirt Maternity T-Shirt

To help you find gifts as special as your family and friends, we've brought together these very special online gift stores. Click one of the images above to see unique gifts from one of the unique artists at mygloriousgifts.com. Gift items include long term favorites such as t-shirt, mug, clock, journal, poster, sweatshirt, magnet, sticker, greeting card and many, many more.

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